Does it make it real?

If we live it, feel it and embrace the moment we are in, does it make that moment real? The concept of creating our own reality, pivots on understanding the fact, that fact, is only as tangible as time.
I’m not concerned with mathematical, or scientific realities, proven facts…, no, I’m talking about the information we feed ourselves as fact, the environment we conjure about ourselves, to give substance to the shadow that passes for interpretation, which could be entirely different if seen through another set of eyes.
Which is the reality:- Salmon swimming up-stream against a swift current find their reality a struggle. In the same second in the same stream, at the precise point, an animal floating downstream on a log would find reality a pleasure, but if reality is a fact… Only one or the other is valid. Two opposing facts for the same instance in the same space cannot be real, or could they?