Patchwork Quilt – A work in progress:-WackyWhatever!

Saw some glorious patchwork quilt designs yesterday, so, being the crazy crafter that I am, I spent most of the night surfing how to’s for quilting. Usually, when it comes to sewing, I am comfortable to dive straight in, (since I learnt the craft at my grand-mother’s knee.) I am so very glad I looked it up, there are some wonderfully innovative people out there, doing all kinds of funky “STUFF”, and sharing their hard-won knowledge with the likes of me!

I will post up links and a tutorial when I complete the project ( Started it this morning, but don’t have all the requisites. Need to shop.)

That’s how far I got this morning!
Quilt measures 2 meters by 1.3 m

I must now:-

  • Buy fabric to edge the sides
  • Buy Batting.
  • Buy Lining.
  • Complete the quilt patchwork.
  • Pad the thing.
  • Scallop and bind the edges.

Wish me luck!



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