Patchwork Quilt – A work in progress:-WackyWhatever!

Saw some glorious patchwork quilt designs yesterday, so, being the crazy crafter that I am, I spent most of the night surfing how to’s for quilting. Usually, when it comes to sewing, I am comfortable to dive straight in, (since I learnt the craft at my grand-mother’s knee.) I am so very glad I looked it up, there are some wonderfully innovative people out there, doing all kinds of funky “STUFF”, and sharing their hard-won knowledge with the likes of me!

I will post up links and a tutorial when I complete the project ( Started it this morning, but don’t have all the requisites. Need to shop.)

That’s how far I got this morning!
Quilt measures 2 meters by 1.3 m

I must now:-

  • Buy fabric to edge the sides
  • Buy Batting.
  • Buy Lining.
  • Complete the quilt patchwork.
  • Pad the thing.
  • Scallop and bind the edges.

Wish me luck!



Is This Real Life- Madonna?-WackyWhatever!

I have heard it said…OH YES and, and I have Read IT WRITTEN

That Madonna should grow up and stop flashing…but to me and thousands of others she is THE ICON of a modern WOMAN. A girl who does not have to hide in the shadows because she is a little older than forty.

I salute you GIRL, you are an inspiration, you prove that a woman may be…PERHAPS–… can be….- sexy after forty….OH YEAH!null

The Exquisite Joy of Mum’s Traditional Crouton and Vinegarette Dressing Salad:- WackyWhatever??

I have the sniffles, a sore throat and a stiff neck today, so my intrepid Mom cooked dinner for me NOW THAT IS MY FAVORITE TREAT

Here with her permission is her famous Vinegarette dressing.

  1. pinch of sugar..
  2. Pinch of salt..
  3. Pinch of pepper..
  4. 2 TBSP Olive oil..
  5. 4 TBSP Vinegar..
  6. TBSP chopped parsley..


Combine sliced Red Onion, Button Mushrooms, halved Cherry Tomatoes,
Sliced boiled egg, brown bread croutons (oven baked), torn baby purple cabbage, torn curly leaf lettuce and roughly crumbled Feta Cheese…– See why I luvvv my mum soooooooooo…

How to Bake a Souffle :- Light as Air Mushroom and Red Onion Souffle.-WackyWhatever?

The delectable, satiny smooth texture and taste of this show-piece Soufflé will impress your fussiest guests and delight your family. Use new button mushrooms, tangy mature cheddar and sharp red onions to bring out the flavor of the white sauce. Soufflé is, after all, merely white sauce with cheese and egg!

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How to Make A Tote Bag with a Decorative Panel

Funky Beach-Bag

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Tote-Bag Tools

  1. 1.05 meters of heavy weight fabric such as Canvas, Denim, Bull-Denim, Cotton or Linen.
  2. 35 cm Decorative panel fabric. This is only limited by your imagination, choose tapesty panels, photo impressions, iron-on transfers, anything that takes your fancy. (eg:- a computer-printer made iron-on-transfer image of a new mom’s baby might make a wonderful gift for mom, gran or aunt..).
  3. Buckle.
  4. Sewing Notions. Cotton, ruler, disappearing pen, sewing machine.



  • 2 Sections of 41 cm by 45 cm from main fabric.
  • 1 Section 15 cm by 80 cm for strap.
  • 1 Section 11 cm by 103 cm for top binding.
  • 1 Section 15 cm by 128 cm for sides and base.
  • 1 Section 25 cm by 41 cm for pocket.
  • 1 Section 11 cm by width of fabric for belt and tabs.
  • 33 cm by 45 cm decorative panel.

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