The Perfect Cupcake and Muffin Quest – WackyWhatever!

I’ve been on a vital and ultra secret mission over the past few daysCUPCAKE SCIENCE

My clandestine endevour is to discover the perfect recipe, a melt-in-the-mouth morsel, crammed with flavor and literally begging to be eaten. A cake that I will not forget in a hurry. A cupcake of cakes!

Over the next few days I will post my disasters and triumphs, seek your advice and google at least a thousand cupcake queries

Wish me luck!!!

Here is the first bit of advise.
1. The sugar must be equal to or less than the flour (in weight, that is).
2. The eggs and liquids (milk) must equal the flour.
3. The fat must equal the eggs.
And here is a recipe you might enjoy.


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