Crazy Cure-Say Goodbye to Malaria-WackyWhatever?

In a unique scientic breakthrough that might change the health prospects of two billion financially challenged people living in Malaria danger zones, Biologists at the University of California, San Diego have registered a patent for a Malaria vaccine.

The vaccine has been developed though a collaboration of Biologists from varying fields who would not normally work together. They have successfully generated a protein, manufactured by Algae, that will inhibit the transmission and spread of the disease. It effectively “blocks” the activity of the misquito’s “bite”. Algae is cheap and easy to grow, and could be “Produced” almost anywhere.
To quote James Gordon (Leader of the development team.)

“It’s hard to say if these proteins are perfect, but the antibodies to our algae-produced protein recognize the native proteins in malaria and, inside the mosquito, block the development of the malaria parasite so that the mosquito can’t transmit the disease,”
“This paper tells us two things: The proteins that we made here are viable vaccine candidates and that we at least have the opportunity to produce enough of this vaccine that we can think about inoculating two billion people,”
“In no other system could you even begin to think about that.”

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The PLoS ONE article can be accessed at: Here
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