Are the Iranian Cyber Police the New NAZI SS-WackyWhatever?

Is Iran the new NAZI regime of the world, and just how scared do we need to be of their nuclear program and their draconian ‘Big Brother’, type control tactics aimed at their own citizens and at cleansing the world of what they call ‘Satanic Western Culture’. The NAZI regime brain-washed most of their nationals by limiting their access to freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of association. They did not have an Internet in those days, but if they had, had, I reckon they would have been conducting themselves in a very similar manner to the Iranian Government.

They are about to launch their very own ‘CLEAN’ Internet service which, obviously, will be controlled by their freshly appointed Cyber Army. These Cyber Police have wide spread powers and if a citizen is found guilty of a ‘Computer Crime’ they may, at their discretion put that person to death.

I am a great believer of freedom of religion. I am quite happy to let them live under sheets if they want to, but here I think the aim is radically opposite, they want the rest of the world to live under sheets as well, else, they might, very well kill us all. Sounds like Hitler to me!

Iran has constantly been denying their plans to block their nationals from the Internet, as they have denied their nuclear project, now it seems they are ‘coming out’, so to speak. They have made it illegal for any business institution, university ( education facility), or government body to deal with foreign email correspondence. Eg. Gmail, Yahoo, Hot mail or, in fact, any electronic mail that does not end in . Ir. They say they want to eradicated dangerous Western Internet practices, while still fostering what they call the positive aspects of Cyber Space, like trade and business. How a law of zero correspondence with foreign e-mail can improve trade and business is very difficult to see. Even India has decided to stop buying oil from these fanatics.

I am at a loss to say anything decent about them. My knowledge is not broad, as far as Islamic practices are concerned, all I know is that these guys are making it very unpopular with free thinking, peace-loving people. They are turning themselves into ‘Bad Guy’s, a very real THREAT to the peace they say these measures have been instituted to preserve.

The guard’s newspaper, Sobhe Sadegh, reported last week.
‘Must prepare’
“We are not in an imaginary state of threats and sanctions,” Hussain Salami, the deputy commander-in-chief of the IRGC, said during the network’s inauguration ceremony last week, according to Iranian media reports. “We must prepare.”
Israel has in recent weeks drummed up support for a possible attack on what it alleges are sites linked to nuclear-weapon production, a pursuit Iran denies. Iran is also worried about cyberattacks on its nuclear facilities, such as the 2010 Stuxnet virus that appeared aimed at disabling Iranian centrifuge arrays.
The IRGC’s closed network appears to be separate from a national internet that Iran’s telecommunications company has said it expects to complete within a year, which leaders have billed as void of Western culture and un-Islamic content.”

June 16 Parliament passes law on computer crimes, punishments include death.
January 2012 Iranian authorities call for mandatory user registration, cameras in internet cafes.
March 7 Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei orders the creation of a Supreme Council on Cyberspace.

As read on Gulf News. Read More here


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