Lego Fantastic-Plastic Brick Art-WackyWhatever?

Lego turned eighty, can you believe it?

The news is abuzz with feats of Lego engineering that will rock your socks, strange how these ‘toys’ produced for children’s pleasure seem to create the most delight in…–adults.

Tallest Lego structue in the world

Completed earlier this week in Seoul Korea a structure some 31.9 m tall soared skyward, beating the previous world record held by a French structure by .3 m. The tower, built by thousands of kids, holds over 50 000 bricks and would be a worthwhile addition to any adults toy-box.


Not to be outdone Lego Australia has launched a festival devoted entirely to the little colored plastic cubes. They have rounded-up a few top designers and business notaries to construct artistic pieces, in secret mind! That will be exhibited in a competitive event later this month. Read more on the festivals very own website
Other interesting playful collections and record holding Lego edifices



These beautifully made tributes to the joys of Lego building are on show at the Bellaire Ohio museum of toys and plastic bricks.



6.9 m long replica of the Queen Mary2. International Maritime Museum Hamburg.



3 million bricks to construct a town representing a 1900’s version of Manchester USA. Milyard Project Manchester.

1.7 ton, 1.2 million brick monochrome ‘portrait statue’ of Sitting Bull. Bilumd Denmark.

View 35 other incredible structures on this blog


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