Face on Mars-WackyWhatever?

Face on mars

life on Mars Wharever?

There is a face on Mars, well actually it’s only a rock formation, that for years and years–literally– has had a massive “I told you there was life on Mars,” following.  The operative word is ‘was’, since we all know that as of here and now, there is no recognizable life on the planet.

Speculation has been rife that ancient artists sculpted the face into the planet’s rock surface in a feat of engineering reminiscent that of the pyramids in  Egypt, here on earth–proof of extra terrestrial life.–Alas it seems, the edifice is merely a natural phenomena of massive humanoid likeness.  A perverted natural joke. (p.s they have discovered carbon-like material in the rocks on Mars-suggesting that life once flourished there.)

Read NASA report


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